How to Avoid Family Drama During the Holidays


Whether you are in a perfect relationship, going through a rough patch, or divorced the holidays can amplify any problems or issues that you may be having with your spouse or family members.

Often times, we see families become even more contentious towards each other for a variety of reasons, especially since they are generally spending more time together in close quarters. If you are going through divorce or separation or even considering it, the holiday season can add even more tension to the situation.

Instead of suffering through a miserable holiday season or making any situation worse than it already is, we want to give you 5 tips to help keep your sanity through the holiday season.

1. Schedule Down Time
Get a massage or treat yourself to something that will be relaxing or put you in a good mood. The more you can de-stress on your own and have some alone time, the better off you will be when you enter stressful situations.

2. Avoid Contentious Topics
When you are meeting with family there may be some family you like and others you don’t. Avoid topics that will stir up conflict such as politics or religion. If you know there are certain topics that will set someone off, avoid those topics all together.

3. Don’t Over Spend On Credit Cards
It’s great to be able to get everyone the gift they want, but those credit card bills are coming and they don’t go away. Finances are always a leading topic in causes for divorce.

4. Avoid Self-Medicating With Alcohol
Too much Christmas cheer can get you in trouble. Avoid having that one or two extra drinks if you are already on edge.

5. Go In With A Positive Mindset
If you enter a family gathering expecting a fight, there will likely be a fight. In the morning, set the intention of what your mood is going to be that day and maintain that thought process throughout the entire day. Don’t let others dictate your mood, even if it is your crazy sister-in-law.

I hope these tips are helpful to help you stay sane and have an enjoyable holiday season.

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