North Carolina Divorce Questions: Should I hire a Private Investigator?

You should consult with your lawyer before hiring a private investigator. The reason for doing this is because you may not need one. Also, it is very important knowing the details that a private investigator should be gathering so that you know exactly what this person needs to be looking for.

Its very important to use a private investigator that your lawyer has experience with and that they also have experience testifying in court. There are factors when dealing with alimony that the private investigator needs to collect. They need to be able to prove that there was some sort of affection between the spouse and the other party. Next, they need to show that there was opportunity for any sort of marital misconduct to occur.

So it is very important not to go out and hire a private investigator on your own because you may be wasting a tremendous amount of money if you are not able to direct them to gather the proper information needed for your case.

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