Two Mistakes You Might Make That Can Destroy Your Claim


An interview with an ex car-insurance adjuster revealed the two biggest mistakes people make during the process of settling a car insurance claim.

​Mistake #1: Stop Social Media Activity
Social media activity can only become ammunition for car insurers to leverage against you in settlement negotiations, or worse, in the courtroom. Claimants frequently post photos of themselves doing activities that can easily be misconstrued by an adjuster or jury as representations of your condition.

For example, if you have a severe left shoulder injury that prevents you from carrying groceries, don’t post a photo of you holding your 30lb daughter in your left arm. While you might be gritting through the pain to smile for the photo, that’s not what the adjuster or what the jury sees.

Even innocuous posts about your daily activities can, down the road, lead to very uncomfortable conversations with the insurance adjuster. Save yourself the trouble and restrict your social media usage until your claim has been resolved.

Mistake #2: Waiting Too Long to Settle
Patience is important to ensuring you receive appropriate reimbursement and ensuring you’re at maximum medical improvement when settling your claim. However, there is a time limit for settling your claim and if that limit is elapsed then you can’t recover damage rewards.

Certain legal circumstances can extend that limit, but don’t put yourself in a compromised situation where you’re rushing to settle – it’s creating unnecessary stress.

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